IP Australia Has Announced Changes to Official Fees


IP Australia Has Announced Changes to Official Fees

IP Australia has announced changes to official fees for various IP matters following a cost recovery review in May this year.

These changes are to take effect from 10/10/2016 .

Further changes to the application and renewal fees of all Madrid applications designating Australia are also scheduled to apply from 28/10/2016

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Additional fee increases for patents including renewal fees from the 10th anniversary, with a $50 increase in the 10 to 14-year anniversary range; and a $130 increase in the 15 to 19-year anniversary range. A $250 increase is to be applied in the 20 to 24 year anniversary range.

For national trade marks, application fees will increase to $330 for each class and renewal fees will also increase to $400 per class.

Whilst these fee increases are substantial, they will be offset by the removal of the $300 per class registration fee, reducing the overall cost of obtaining a national trade mark registration in Australia.

IP Solved will provide further information if required.

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