Q & A – How the purchase of Hodgkinson McInnes Patents by IP Solved affects you


Q & A – How the purchase of Hodgkinson McInnes Patents by IP Solved affects you

Who will be looking after my active cases ?

All our key staff remain in place so the same person(s) who have been looking after your matters at Hodgkinson McInnes will continue to be your contact at IP Solved.

Where will the office be located?

Our Sydney office will remain at Level 21, 201 Elizabeth Street Sydney and the main telephone number will be 02 8267 7300. The address and contact details for the Brisbane office will also remain unchanged for now.

What email address do I use ?

Firstly, all existing Hodgkinson McInnes emails will remain active for a few months after August 1 and any email you send to a Hodgkinson McInnes staff member will be automatically re directed to their new IP Solved email address. The same email structure will be used so for example ken.mcinnes@hmcip.com.au would now be ken.mcinnes@wordpress-6868-52702-142691.cloudwaysapps.com. Please note that the domain is “.com” not “.com.au”

What about the website ?

We will be launching a new website which you can find at www.wordpress-6868-52702-142691.cloudwaysapps.com.The Hodgkinson McInnes website will remain live for a few months as well.

Will your Schedule of Charges increase ?

No. Whatever pricing arrangements were in place with you at Hodgkinson McInnes will be carried over to IP Solved.

Will I have to sign new Terms of Engagement ?

No. The terms and conditions of your prior engagement with Hodgkinson McInnes will carry over to IP Solved, if you continue to instruct IP Solved after August 1.

What if I have outstanding debts to Hodgkinson McInnes as at 1 August ?

If you have any amounts outstanding to Hodgkinson Mcinnes for invoices sent to you up to 31 July, then you would continue to pay those in the same way you have always paid Hodgkinson McInnes, to the same Hodgkinson McInnes bank account.

What will happen to any work in progress that has not been invoiced by 31 July ?

If there is any work that we have done but have not billed you for by 31 July then that will be invoiced to you by IP Solved after 1 August. IP Solved will have a new bank account and that information will appear on the IP Solved invoices.

Who will be issuing my Statements of Account?

Hodgkinson McInnes will issue monthly Statements of Account for outstanding amounts payable to HMP. Similarly, IP Solved will issue separate monthly Statements of Account for outstanding amounts payable to IP Solved.

Do I have to advise IP Australia or IPONZ of the new name of my attorney firm ?

No. We have registered IP Solved (ANZ) Pty Ltd ABN 97 611 869 848 with IP Australia and IPONZ and have arranged for all the statutory records relating to the firm acting on your behalf be changed from Hodgkinson McInnes to IP Solved.

We are here to help so if you are unsure about anything please call us on (02) 8267 7300. For accounting and financial matters please ask for Maria Silva-Castro or email accounts_dept@wordpress-6868-52702-142691.cloudwaysapps.com. For any issue relating to your IP work, please speak directly with your attorney.

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