IP Solved is up and running


IP Solved is up and running

As of August 1, 2016, we are extremely proud to announce the launch of our new national and global network of intellectual property advisors and attorneys based in Sydney with offices in Brisbane, Chicago, Singapore and Auckland.

At IP Solved we will work first and foremost at building trusted relationships that lead to long-term alliances.

Our new business is the outcome of a strategic coming together of like-minded professionals across 4 countries who seek a better way, a more innovative way to deal with the changing global commercial landscape.

Creating a network such as we have requires the input and support of many people and many external companies – and of course, most importantly the encouragement of our foundation Clients around the globe.

To them we say “you ain’t seen nothing yet’! 

The way and manner that we have challenged ourselves to change the ‘traditional IP’ landscape is encouraging – along with the buy-in from our many long standing clients.

However, whilst we are committed to bringing about positive change within the category a key piece of heritage will remain part of our forward movement.

That is our reputation of building and nurturing a ‘partnering’ approach and culture that builds strong and enduring direct Client relationships (never involving or reverting to third parties).

We work with our Clients for one goal; to drive their commercial success.

Originally established (as Hodgkinson McInnes Patents) in Sydney, Australia in 1981, we have grown to serve the global needs of many local clients.

Today, beyond our Sydney, Australia base we have offices extending from Chicago to Singapore and Auckland.

This geographic reach into key regional business hubs allows us to provide the necessary local knowledge and insights that can only be gained by being in ‘the local market’ with the capacity to provide a global view and perspective on all matters.

Few firms can provide this reach of intellectual resources and collective knowledge that extends, and is connected across, such a vast geographical footprint.

Welcome to IP Solved.

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