Innovation Funding

Funding and cash flow are critical to any business but especially so to those investing heavily into innovation and/or international expansion.

Some businesses overlook their ability to leverage their IP assets to secure debt funding or are unaware of the potential to attract investors by articulating the value and potential of their IP. We help companies understand the value of their IP assets and exploit those assets to secure funding from private and public sources.

Established and new businesses alike need to maximise their access to government Entitlements, whether tax incentives, subsidies or grant funding. We provide services to assist businesses to secure their cash flow including:

  • Assisting to prepare your R&D Taxation application
  • Assisting you to identify and apply for grants, including industry grants, government grants and particularly Export Market Development Grants
  • IP valuations and assessments for investors or to secure debt funding
  • IP assessments to identify opportunities for commercialisation or monetisation

Staying ahead of the competition is a constant challenge and the accelerating pace of change and globalisation in markets requires innovation. Knowing how to take advantage of private sector funding or investment or of government grants, subsidies or tax incentives is essential.

For more information on available government grants please contact our Innovation Funding Consulting team at

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