Government Grants

The availability of government  grants to industry to subsidise innovation and/or international expansion is often overlooked as a source of additional revenue.In many cases, grants directly offset business investment in IP.

There are numerous government schemes available, many of which are narrowly targeted. They change often and unless you stay abreast of these developments its easy to miss out on opportunities to supplement your cash flow.

As you would expect with any bureaucratic process, experience is the key to maximising not only the prospects of success but also the amount of funds received.

Our services in this area include:

  • Advising on availability and eligibility for a wide range of government grants that support innovative activities
  • Preparing grant applications
  • Providing accurate estimates of grant funding to support cash flow projections
  • Advising how to offset the cost of IP protection through grants
  • Export Market Development Grant specialist support. Further details on this grant and our service are here.

For more information on available government grants please contact our Innovation Funding Consulting team at

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