Export Market Development Grant

The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) program assists small to medium sized Australian businesses by reimbursing 50% of eligible costs (up to a maximum grant of $150,000) associated with the development of export opportunities.

Engaging a professional to prepare your EMDG application and to manage the approval process will give you the highest prospect of success and the maximum grant amount.

Austrade measures quality of applications through its ‘slip’ percentage. This is the percentage of claims in an EMDG application that were disallowed. On average non approved consultants have a slip rate of 13% and self-lodging applicants 15%.

You can be confident that we will identify all potential expenses, leading to a higher grant, and that the amount we apply for will very likely be the amount you will receive. Our services in this area include:

  • Meetings with you to identify EMDG related activities and costs
  • The collection and collation of relevant financial documentation, which includes further assessment of the eligibility of each expenditure item
  • Preparation and lodgement of your fully documented and thoroughly substantiated  EMDG application.
  • Attendance at any Austrade audit meeting with respect to your EMDG application
  • Preparation of responses to any queries raised by Austrade during the audit meeting.

Our EMDG audit service can also assist self lodging applicants who may be uncertain as to the accuracy or completeness of their claim or whether they have claimed everything that they are entitled to.

We can audit your EMDG application prior to you lodging your claim, and provide you with a letter of advice identifying ways to improve the strength and size of your application. The deadline for self-lodgement is 30 November.

For more information on the Export Market Development Grant please contact our EMDG team at exportmarketgrants@ipsolved.com.

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