Copyright Protection & Enforcement

Australian copyright law protects a broad range of original materials. These include written works, images, photos, drawings, plans, designs, three-dimensional shapes and buildings, as well as sound recordings, films and television and sound broadcasts.  Copyright automatically exists once the material and media are created.  There is no system for registering copyright in Australia – but it exists and is enforceable.

We have extensive experience assisting clients with the full range of copyright-related matters. This includes preparing and negotiating commercial agreements relating to ownership and exploitation of copyright, to litigating copyright infringement and licensing disputes.

We provide all services relating to copyright protection and enforcement, including:

  • drafting, negotiating and reviewing commercial agreements relating to ownership and exploitation of copyright and advising on the best commercial structures to suit clients’ needs
  • establishing enforcement procedures and strategies for dealing with counterfeit goods seized under a Customs Notice
  • reviewing advertising and marketing material, including product packaging, websites and advertisements, to identify potential copyright issues prior to product launch
  • providing opinions on copyright ownership and infringement
  • prosecuting copyright infringement proceedings.